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About Us

Discover opals at Sydney’s “best kept secret” Australian Opal Cutters! Over 40 years experience and customers from over 40 countries!
Our workshop is not a shop front, therefore our overheads are a fraction of the cost of running a shop front retail store. You will feel one hundred percent safe in the knowledge that you are making an informed decision on an investment that will bring lifetime joy for you and your loved ones. Come and enjoy one of the largest ranges in the Southern hemisphere: Australian Black Opal, Australian Boulder Opal, White Opal, Crystal Opal, Doublets and Triplets. 
When you buy jewellery you want to shop with someone who has an international reputation for providing exceptional opals and pearls at very affordable prices. You want someone who can provide high calibre stock at low prices, someone who buys in bulk, cuts and polishes from rough gem material, and sets opals at their own workshop. 
If you prefer pearls, come and find exquisite loose and set South Sea and Pure Pearls, find what you like on the website, or feel free to contact our office direct on (02) 9021 8000.