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20462291 ''Vivid'' Black Opal Loose 17.20ct

An incredible full-spectrum natural Black Opal Gem with Gem AAA “Rolling Flash” pattern cut in a free form shape that resembles the African continent. 17.20 carats of "one in a lifetime" Black Opal.

This stone is named Vivid because the essence of the gem is brought to wholeness by vivid colour. The pigment stretches and moves with rich fullness, stimulating a deep flow of feeling, we cannot help but see all our human experience in colour- motion. The deep darkness of the blue, thrown into chaos by the golden light and spattered with red passion is a metaphor for our individual lives. All our joys, loves and losses are seen in this stone, the colour will show you your story. 

Opal Black Opal
Carat Weight  17.20ct

"This is 20462291. This Opal is called Vivid and the intensity of the colour, which is Vivid is the very highest intensity that any Opal can have. This is more vivid probably then a million Opals that we’ve handled over the last 33 years, or 40 years really. This is exceptional, I am speechless."

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