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Australian Opal Cutters

20063146 "Kimberly Sunset" Black Opal Pendant 38.57ct

I have heard many Opal jewellers remark that 'the Opal jewellery business is a fine business to be in. But surely it's height of satisfaction is found in discovering the unique handiwork of "God's art hidden underground in Opal" brought to light in the hands of the skilled Opal polisher.

One might find a lost coin with a note and Tom Robert's mark on it that may be priceless.

Or find in an attic the Superman Action Comics No. 1 which sold for a record $3.2 million on eBay.

But KIMBERLEY SUNSET is magnitudes rarer than both!

This is a picture stone, a named stone and an Opal with a very rare pattern. When this image of a glowing mountain appeared on the diamond wheel during cutting the WOW factor in the room was explosive. A picture of a mountain sunset had appeared, one similar to a mountain at sunset that I recall seeing and enjoying personally in the Red Centre. It jumped out at me as did the name KIMBERLEY SUNSET. It's very very rare pattern, in fact the very rarest of the HARLEQUINN varieties.

"TRIANGLE HARLEQUINN PATTERN." Regularly arranged triangular shaped units of the colour design present in the Opal pattern.

So rare one hardly hears mention of it.  In fact the ONLY one I have seen!

What is an Opal of this rarity and astounding beauty worth?

Certainly as much as we are offering it for! It is a gift! Enjoy!

"Kimberly Sunset", an incredible stunning gem, Australian Black Opal from Lightning Ridge weighing a total of 38.57ct. Set in a 18K Yellow Gold, 2 Golden South Sea Pearls approximately 14mm diameter each, 80 GVS quality Diamonds with a total carat weight of 1.75ct.

Opal Black Opal
Carat Weight  38.57ct
Metal 18K Yellow Gold
Accent Stones

2 Golden South Sea Pearls

80 Diamonds

Total Carat Weight  1.75ct (Diamonds)

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