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Australian Opal Cutters

20147259 ''On Golden Pond'' Boulder Opal Pendant 18.60ct

The beauty of this Opal is that it carries such a clear story. If you look closely at this gem, you will find that there is a picture created within. Two figures are kissing on a boat. We have entitled this Opal "On Golden Pond," after the film starring Jane Fonda. What is so magical about this Opal is the way the colours explode around the figures kissing on the boat, it is as though the night sky has been filled with fireworks! Gold, green, blue and red celebrate this couples love. There is such joy that lies within this opal, the colours dance and the viewer cannot help but smile.

Opal Boulder Opal
Carat Weight  18.60ct
Metal 18K White Gold

"20147259 has been named 'On Golden Pond'. It is a picture stone of unique rarity, because it actually pictures the dinghy and the sunset of on golden pond, just as it’s seen in the movie 'On Golden Pond' with the (Henry and Jane) 'Fonda' family. It’s set in 18k White Gold. But the exquisite thing about this, the most desirable element is that it’s got that picture of the dinghy and Henry and Jane Fonda sitting in the boat on that tranquil lake."

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